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Often times, especially in creative fields, it is so hard to remain focused and produce quality content. Burn out is a daily danger, especially for those whose jobs depends on keeping the creative juices flowing. Here are 3 quick tips that I find always help me when I'm in a slump. Sometimes just one technique is enough, other times a combination of all 3 is required! Hope it helps!

1. Get organized!

When I find myself stumped or overwhelmed, the first thing I do is look around at my workspace. I am referring to both my physical workspace, and my virtual workspace. Often times, it has gotten too cluttered. There are papers strewn about, maybe a used coffee mug sitting on the desk. My computer's desktop is littered with loose files. I have no idea what the rest of my day looks like beyond the task I am working on. This is when I know I need to do some organizing. I find that once I clean up my area, clear my desktops, and write down prioritized to-do lists, my mind gets cleared as well! I can go back to my work feeling a little more confident and clear-minded.

2. Switch up your Routine!

Humans are largely creatures of habits. We usually get up at a certain time, at work at a certain desk by a predetermined hour, clock off and go about our day. For the most part, this is a good thing, since work requires discipline and structure. However, if you're feeling stuck, a change of pace might be the thing for you! Try going to bed earlier. Sneak in your gym time early in the morning instead of after work. If you can, take your work to a new coffee shop. Try to experience a new environment or try something new, like a different drink or a new activity. Breaking up your routine can help renew your mind.

3. Take engaging breaks!

Taking a break is common and solid advice. Sharpen the saw, charge the batteries etc etc. What I find to be more effective though, is to take what I call an engaging break. See, the potential danger of taking a break by vegging out or mindlessly surfing the web, is that we can lose a lot of time. Often, when we come back to work, our minds are no longer willing to function after that small taste of freedom. Instead. try taking a beat from what you're working on by doing something more active for a little while. If you have flexibility with your schedule, go for a walk/jog or run some errands/house chores. Change gears and work on something easier and more doable. By doing so, we keep our mind active and going, but we get a much deserved break from the task currently making our lives difficult.

Hope these little tips help. Personally, I have never been stumped for too long when I try these tips. Even in worst case scenarios, trying a combination of all 3 has always helped me get back on track. Would these work for you? What are your strategies? Let me know. 'Til next time!

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